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Snorkeling Report offers an illustrated tour of the world’s snorkeling spots, including maps, exploration tips and photos, with contributions from snorkelers and local experts from all over the world. Wear your mask and swim fins, take your underwater camera, and snorkel Earth’s most beautiful beaches and coral reefs!

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Have you always dreamed of swimming with sea turtles, diving with sharks and dolphins, or visiting clownfish, stingrays and starfish in their natural environment? Snorkeling Report brings you its Top10 for unforgettable underwater encounters!


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You’ve had unbelievable underwater experiences? You want to share your favorite places? Complete the online “add a spot” form and it will be added to our spots atlas. Talk with other snorkelers and learn more about oceans, sea life, marine species, and underwater photography. Join us and be part of the adventure!

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