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The goal of Snorkeling Report is to collect and illustrate as many snorkeling spots in the four corners of the world, destination by destination. Coordinated by a team of fans, the site aims to federate the snorkeling community and to respect the following commitments, at all times and in all latitudes:

A 100% snorkeling website
At Snorkeling Report, we have a passion, first and foremost. A passion for travelling, for discoveries, for the sea, for nature – and for snorkeling! There should be no confusion here with scuba diving. The site is exclusively dedicated to snorkeling spots. All the photos you see on the site have been taken by snorkelers, so you will get a very clear idea of what you are likely to see at each spot, barring last minute surprises. Snorkeling Report also provides a wealth of tips (safety, equipment, underwater photography, etc.) to make the activity easier and help you make the most of it.

A website for all
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you will feel right at home on Snorkeling Report! We adapt our tips so that everyone can get the most out of their trips, by assigning a level (beginner, intermediary or expert) to each spot. On this site you will find everything you need to live and share the most passionate snorkeling experiences possible.

A community website
Snorkeling Report is based on a simple idea: every visitor’s feedback helps enrich the site. Learn from other people’s experiences, and share with them your own. Don’t hesitate to share what you have seen and done with all the snorkeling community. Have you explored a spot that isn’t mentioned on Snorkeling Report? Then you can become a Reporter, by completing the online “Add a Spot” form. You are what makes the richness of Snorkeling Report!

A free and independent website
Whether you are an occasional visitor, a site member or a Reporter, the entire site content is accessible to you without limit and for free. What’s more, Snorkeling Report is not linked to any company or brand, and is not paid to highlight one destination over another. This means we can make our recommendations in total independence, with only snorkelers’ interests in mind. If you have found our tips useful and / or you want to support us, you can make a donation, which will go towards covering part of our costs, so that we can carry on making Snorkeling Report the biggest source for snorkeling spots in the world.

A responsible website
Snorkeling is an activity that is generally made without supervision and in fragile natural environments such as coral reefs. We are all individually responsible for limiting our impact on the environment as much as we can. Snorkeling Report has a page setting out all the good practices to follow during your explorations, and on each destination page we try to raise awareness about the marine environment and its biodiversity. By preserving the reefs where you dream and travel, you help them survive, so that thousands of other people can also enjoy them.

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