Les Anses d'Arlet

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If many visitors of southwest Martinique prefer go snorkeling on the top-sites of l'Anse Noire and l'Anse Dufour, you can also do some snorkeling from the center of Les Anses d'Arlet village, on a rocky and sandy area lying about 50 to 200 yards from the beach. Here you will find surprisingly fishy areas, and come across green sea turtles, which visit the bay for feeding on the seagrass beds.
How to get there?

The village of Les Anses d’Arlet is located on the southwest coast of the island. From Fort-de-France, take the A1 to the airport, then the N5 south for a few miles. Turn right on D7, following the signs to Anses d’Arlet. The village is well signposted. There are many spaces to park in the village, near the beach, It takes about 40 minutes by car to reach Anse Noire (20mi/35km) from Fort-de-France when the traffic is light.

Water entrance

We recommend you to enter the water on the far north of the beach, close to the rocks enclosing the bay.

Aerial view


The area to explore covers a large strip (30 to 40 yards) along the rocky shoreline enclosing the northern part of the bay. In the area, the water height is constant (↕6-12ft/2-4m). The seabed is mainly sandy and grassy, with sometimes young coral formations. The small rocky areas, close to the beach, are the most fishy zones, and it's easy to spot (among many other species) bluehead wrasse, sergeant-major and blue tang.

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Rocky seabed in Les Anses d'Arlet

Reach the seagrass areas, a bit further from the beach, to have the chance to meet one (or more) green sea turtle. They like the calm and warm waters of the bay, where they can come to feed and rest. By criss-crossing the area, you should not have to wait too long before seeing them. It is not unusual to come across groups of two or three, feeding on the sea grass, also highly appreciated by big cushion starfish.

Always stay alert, as the boats coming and going in the bay are the main potential danger in the area

Restaurants and accommodation

You will find in the village of Les Anse d'Arlet a large choice of shops, restaurants, snacks and accommodation.

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