Praslin is very small in size (14mi²/38km²), but is the second biggest island in the Seychelles. It is accessible from Mahé by plane or boat (27mi/44km).

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With fewer snorkeling spots than Mahé and La Digue, it still offers interesting destinations, mainly in the north. Anse Lazio, considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Praslin, is one of the best spots on the island, but its image was tarnished by two shark attacks on swimmers in 2011. Saint-Pierre Island, across from Anse Volbert, is also a very good option. Elsewhere (such as Côte d'Or, where most accommodation is located), the shallow water level and the seaweed make exploring from the beach more difficult.

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White tern, Anse Lazio beach, and hermit crab

The spots near the shore are mostly rich in coral, and often consist in seagrass or blocks of granite, where underwater life of surprising variety can be seen.
When to go to Praslin?

Praslin, like the other granite islands of the archipelago (La Digue and Mahe in particular), enjoy a tropical climate and pleasant temperatures all the year round. Unlike other groups of islands in the Seychelles (Aldabra or the Farquhar islands), they are not in the path of cyclones.

Snorkeling is possible all the year round, with average water temperatures of 82°F/28°C. From October to March, rains are more frequent (with a peak in January), the temperatures are highest (+/-86°F/30°C) and there is most humidity. From April to September there is a cooler and dryer period, but it is also windier (+/-75°F/24°C). As the wind has a certain amount of importance in snorkeling, you should remember that the prevailing wind is north-westerly from October to March and south-easterly from April to September (choose the most protected sites).

The inter-seasons (March to May and September to November) are the best periods for snorkeling, particularly since they are outside the peak tourist periods in December and in July and August.

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Where to spot them?

Hawksbill sea turtle

Take your chance at Anse Volbert

Bluespotted stingray

Take your chance at Anse Lazio

Geometric moray

On all spots, but sometimes hard to find

Powder blue tang

Common at St Pierre Islet, rare on other spots

Blue-spotted spinefoot

Common at St Pierre Islet, rare on other spots

Red-knobbed starfish

At Anse Volbert, but uncommon

Scissortail sergeant

On all spots

Lagoon triggerfish

On all spots

Bluefin trevally

On all spots