About us

Snorkeling Report is a website created and managed by a team of active snorkelers and professionals, aiming to gather together snorkelers from all over the world and wanting to share their favorite spots, their experiences, and their passion for snorkeling and the underwater world.

The idea of Snorkeling Report was born in 2012 on the beaches of Reunion Island, from the observation that it was until then difficult to find reliable and specific information about snorkeling spots.

Today, Snorkeling Report manages the largest snorkeling spots directory around the world, leaning on a world community of fans. Our ambition is to promote snorkeling as an activity of its own.

We designed our website as lovers of travel, wildlife and oceans, to make it a space for knowledge, sharing and discovering.

Since 2015, to become professionalized and support its expansion, Snorkeling Report is a Costa Rica-based company.

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